Product Report: Arnette Series 3 Goggles

PRICE: $44.95 (clear or smoke lens), $64.95 (iridium lens)

The new Arnette Series 3 MX goggles.

WHAT IT IS: The Arnette Series 3 MX goggle is the newest entry into the goggle market from Arnette. The goggle features a true anatomical fit for spot-on comfort, triple layer foam that both forms to your face and wicks away sweat, a cool breeze venting system that helps push cool air into the goggles, articulating strap mounts that allow for precise fit in any helmet, and a silicone beaded strap that helps keep it in place. The goggles are also available in a variety of colorways that will likely appeal to any motohead.

-Goggle frame fits perfectly into almost any helmet.
-Articulating strap mount looks cool and helps the strap to form into the portal of a helmet.
-Goggles ventilate really well.
-Triple layer foam does a good job at soaking up sweat on a hot day.
-Lens quality if excellent.
-Simplistic design makes them very comfortable.
-Strap stays in place on the helmet.

The articulating strap mount is a nice touch to the goggles.

-While the frame fits into most helmets, it’s a bit small and hinders peripheral vision slightly.

THE VERDICT: Arnette isn’t new to the goggle or eyewear business. In fact back in the ‘90s Arnette was one of the top goggles that all the cool kids wanted to wear. Now Arnette is back in business and the product that is being pumped out is top notch. The new Series 3 MX goggles are some of the best that we’ve tested. They’re comfortable, look cool, and perform great.