First Look : 2013 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition

After an extremely successful season in both the racing world and in sales with the first 450 SX-F Factory Edition, KTM took a long look at the model and looked for ways to improve the US National championship winning machine. As the most powerful bike in the class, there would be no need to redo the engine. Instead, they focused on handling improvements, which comes by dropping a pound and a half from last year’s release.

Race ready in every way, the bike becomes the icon of the Austrian brand’s motocross division. It, along with the 2013 Red Bull KTM race team, team was unveiled to the press at the team’s Murrieta, CA, headquarters.

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The biggest change between the new bike and the previous offering is the engine, or rather the engine cases. Though KTM four-stroke motocross bikes are initially fired by an electric start and are not equipped with a kickstart, the cases still have the area needed for the traditional method. Confident in their electric start system, KTM have eliminated the mass of weight from the engine on the new bike. The new cases weigh a half-pound less than their predecessors.