Buy A Pro Circuit Ti-5 or T5 Exhaust, Receive Free Dunlop Rear Tire

From now until February 28 (while supplies last), every purchase via or phone order of either a Ti-5 Exhaust System or a T5 Exhaust System at retail price will ship with a free* Dunlop rear tire!

How To Get a FREE Dunlop Rear Tire:
1. Go to, or call Pro Circuit at (951) 738-8050
2. Purchase either a Ti-5 or a T5 Exhaust System at retail price
3. Get a free* Dunlop rear tire!

This promotion expires February 28, 2013 (or until supplies last), only applies to Ti-5 and T5 systems purchased at retail price, and is only valid through or phone order through Pro Circuit.

*California state tire fee of $1.75 will be charged

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