Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Gilbert Everhart

Gilbert Everhart, 6
Bloomington, CA
Sponsors: Mom & Dad, 303 Racing, Klen & Jennie Jensen, Mike & Karrie Matcham
Gilbert Everhart has been a regular peewee racer throughout the year, he naturally had many tickets in the drawing for the 2014 Yamaha YZ450F.  When he opened the envelope that said he had won the motorcycle, he looked in amazement and enthusiasm that he was this year’s big winner.  Naturally, since he has a few years to go before growing into a full size motorcycle, we asked what he planned on doing with it when he got it home.  Gilbert has big plans for his new Yamaha, and we as excited about that plan as he is.  Soon after Gilbert’s celebration, he hustled over to the track to finish off his final moto of the day in the peewee beginner class.  Once he hung up his helmet for the day, we stopped by to learn a little about him and his plans.
How did you get started racing?
I started on a Yamaha 50, then my mom got me the KTM, but I was a little scared and I thought I was going to go too fast and crash.  I told my mom  “I don’t want to do it yet.”  Then later that night I told her “OK, I will try it.”  I went out and rode it without falling after that.  I wanted to start racing because my cousin was racing and I wanted to ride with him.  I asked my mom if I could race, and she said yes, and I started racing.
Why do you like racing?
I like racing because you can win trophies and you can ride and have fun with all of your friends. 
How does it feel to win the new YZ450F?
It felt really good!
What are you going to do with it?  Will you keep it until you grow into it?
I am going to let my dad ride it so he doesn’t have to walk so much.
Does your dad ride or race now?
No, he doesn’t have a bike yet.
Do you think he will go riding and racing with you when you give it to him?
Yeah, he will!
Who is your favorite professional rider?
I like Travis Pastrana!  He is really famous and he likes doing back flips on trikes and also on motorcycles and I like that.
Would you rather do back flips and tricks someday or would you rather be a racer?
I want to be a racer AND do tricks!
What other things do you do besides racing?
I go to school, I play with my friends at my house, and I ride my bike around my house.
What do your friends at school think about you being a motorcycle racer?
They think it is pretty cool. 
Are you the only racer in your family?
I’m the only one, but my cousin Tyler rides too.