Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Victor Bjorklund

Viktor Bjorklund, 19
Sponsors: KTM, Scott, Mitas Tires
Viktor Bjorklund had come to some of the early rounds of the Muscle Milk Winter Cup at the beginning of the year during his off season in Europe and had success in the pro classes, taking several moto wins a two class overall victories.  Living in the winter months in Menifee to ride and train in the United States, Bjorklund always brings his A-game to the track.  During the early motos at Glen Helen, the track was muddy and slippery, and Bjorklund handled the conditions with ease and easily cruised in for moto victories.  Even though a small crash ended his day early, Bjorklund still had a strong showing earlier in the day over the competition, putting his KTM out in the front of the pack easily.
What brings you out to the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX race today?
I love to race, that’s why I ride motocross, and I like the competition and the good riders.
How did you first start riding in Sweden?
My dad had a bike shop, so I started when I was about 3 years old. 
After starting riding at a young age, how long have you been racing?
My first race was at about 10 years old I think, and when I stopped, I said this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
What has been your biggest accomplishment in your racing career so far?
Last year I was 8th place in the European championship in one moto, and in 2010 I was second in the Swedish championship.
Why do you come over to the U.S. to race?
I came over first about three years ago and I loved the weather and the tracks.  It is all snow and ice in Sweden, so we can’t ride there, so this is perfect for me.
What are your racing plans for the next year?
I plan to go back to Sweden at the end of February or beginning of March and race the Swedish and European championships and a few MX GPs.
Do you have plans to come over to the U.S. and race full time?
Yes, I would like to.  I am not sure when, but maybe 2015 or so.  I want to race over here.
What other activities do you do outside of racing?
Not much really, just riding and I like to drive my car.
What type of training and preparation do you do to prepare for the racing season?
When I am here it is a lot of riding, also running, cycling and the gym. 
How do the tracks in Europe compare to the ones here?
They have good tracks in Europe, but in Sweden they are bad.  These tracks are really good, I like them a lot.  They are bigger and faster and also have bigger jumps.
How do you like racing the Muscle Milk/Transworld MX races?  How do they compare to the ones from back there?
This is a big race compared to there, we don’t have money for the races like this.  It is nice and good to be out there.