At The Test Track With Rockstar Energy Racing KTM

The 2014 Supercross season is quickly approaching and race teams are doing all that they can to be prepared when the gate drops at Anaheim on January 4th. With such little time left, nearly every single team has holed up at their private practice tracks located in the hills of Corona, California and are working in as many laps as possible. The mood and what happens on inside these fences depends on the day; some are nothing more than standard practice, while others are intense testing sessions that drag on for hours that the media is never invited to see. Luckily for us, a certain Thursday at the KTM test track the latter for the Rockstar Energy Racing KTM team and we had the chance to shoot 250 West Coast title contender Jason Anderson and possible 450 fill-in Ivan Tedesco while the flew around the course.

Nearly every test track is located on the same few acre spread next to the Corona Clay Company, which is ironic considering how intense the competition to build the best bike possible can be. It’s not uncommon to see riders peering down the hill to see a rival burning laps on their on course.

Getting the clay to its best traction comes thanks to a system of intricate sprinklers scattered around the track. With the push of a button, the team can douse certain sections with gallons of water in almost no time.

Of all the obstacles on a course, the whoops take the biggest beating. This shot was only halfway through the day, but as you can see the rollers were already becoming hammered. Good luck getting over them without an issue…

Since the status of Davi Millsaps’ knee is still in question, the Rockstar Energy KTM team and possible fill-in rider Ivan Tedesco have been busy carving laps and testing for the new year. Tedesco is Millsaps’ mechanic, Steve Westfall, to perfect the setup for either situation.

Sure, Tedesco missed the 2013 season, but the veteran and multi-time champion has stayed on a bike during the entire time away from the professional circuit. Tedesco has been aboard a KTM for months as a test rider for the brand and is comfortable aboard the Austrian-made 450.

With years of experience on his side, a knowledgeable staff of supporters, and a factory-supported race bike, Jason Anderson is ready to take on the 250 West Coast championship. The New Mexico native was a monster through the whoop sections on the track.

Rockstar Energy Racing KTM has hired Chris Loredo to wrench on Jason Anderson’s bikes for the 2014 season. The two talkative and light-hearted personalities will work well together.