Jake Canada at the Monarch Moto Super-X Invitational

We caught up with 5150 Energy Drink’s Jake Canada at the Monarch Moto Super-X Invitational this past weekend to check in with the S0-Cal native and get his thoughts on the rebirth of Invitational racing and his personal expectations for next year. We also heard he was headed back to Germany after just returning home after the opening round of the German Supercross series. Check it all out below.

By: Casey Davis

You’re now on a new team, so how has testing been going so far?

It’s been going good! We’ve made a lot of improvements on the bike from when we started. Suspension and everything from Graham has been awesome. We’ve had quite a few test days just making progress on everything. We tested with Matt this week and made a few changes to the ignition and other things on the motor to improve that. All in all, the bike is pretty solid and I’m feeling comfortable on it now, so we’re just going to fine tune a few things from here on out.

Being that this Invitational race isn’t quite the same as a normal Supercross race for you guys, are you using this as another day of testing or maybe trying to get the racing shoes back on?

No testing really today, just gate-time. It’s good that there’s a good turnout of guys here that are pretty fast, so it’ll be a cool race today. I raced in Germany a couple weeks ago and I’m going back this weekend. So, yeah, gate-time is always good before Anaheim.

So you’re going back to Germany. Whats going on over there?

Yeah, I’m going back this coming weekend. It’s the third round of the German Supercross series and this round is in Munich. I went to the first round and now going back for the third one. There’s only about five rounds and I had to sit out the second stop because I needed to test here, but I’m pretty much dialed in with the bike, so I’m going to head back for the third stop.

Are you surprised at all at the turnout of riders for the Super-X Invitational?

I knew Cooper Webb was racing and I saw Shane Mcelrath here yesterday, so I figured he was going to come out, too, but I didn’t know Dean Wilson was racing. I’m excited because it should be five gnarly dudes in the main!

The format that they have basically consists of knockout rounds with two riders advancing to the next race. That has to be a little different than what you’re used to right?

That’s actually how they do it in Germany. You have to advance from the heat to make the semi and the semi to make the main. I think it’s pretty cool and different and I’m somewhat used to it, so it should be a good day.

Next year for Supercross, do you have any goals set for yourself?

Yeah, absolutely. I’ve already been in the top five, so for ’14 I’d like to see myself on the podium. That’s the next best thing. Obviously staying consistent, stay in the top five week in and week out and strive for that podium finish.