Ryan Surratt: A Man of Few Words

Over the last few months, we’ve been seeing videos of Yamaha’s Ryan Surratt putting down laps at various Supercross tracks in preparation for the Monster Energy Cup and the Monarch Moto Super-X InvitationalĀ via social media. And we have to admit that the young 16 year old looks quite at home ripping around the technical Supercross sections. We caught up with Surratt at this weekend’s Super-X Invitational, which featured an Amateur All-Star division just like the MEC. The Yamaha rider didn’t have the night of his dreams in Vegas, but more than made up for it at the Invitational by sweeping every moto.

Being that SX isn’t necessarily an A class racers forte, did you struggle with adapting to a SX track?

I feel like I wasn’t struggling that bad on a Supercross track, because I’ve had a little bit of time on them before.

How long have you been prepping for this race?

I just got home from racing at the Mini Olympics, so I have only rode Supercross twice.

This isn’t your first Supercross type of race. Would you say that you’re getting more and more comfortable on a SX track?

Yeah, for sure. The more I ride Supercross the more comfortable I’m feeling.

What are your plans for next year?

I will be racing the B class (intermediate) all year long, until about this time next year, and then I’ll be moving up to the A class.

How was the Monster Energy Cup for you? Was it hard adapting to a full-scale track and racing in front of a legitimate crowd?

Monster Cup wasn’t the greatest for me, but it was definitely a fun time racing in front of a huge crowd like that. The track wasn’t completely Supercross either, more of an outdoor style track with a couple rhythm sections. I feel like If it was more of a Supercross style track then I would have done a lot better because there just wasn’t anything there that separated most of the riders.

So are you Star Racing Yamaha’s newest recruit? Or are you just getting some help from them?

I’m signed with Yamaha and not the actual MyPlash team. The team just mainly helps me out with the motor side of things.