Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Austen Scroggins

Austen Scroggins, 21
Murrieta, CA
Sponsors:  KTM, One Industries, FMF, Asterisk, Veracity Clothing, 100%, HDX, Haven Sports Management, Skull Candy
Austen Scroggins made his way to the Winter Cup opening round riding in the pro class.   It had been quite some time since Scroggins had come out to the TWMX Race Series, and the last we had seen him at our races, he was still racing in the amateur classes.  When we saw the familiar number 126 KTM competing in the pro class, we stopped by Austen’s pit to see what he has been up to.
What brings you out to the Transworld Winter Cup today?
Just the drive to race again.  I haven’t raced in a while, I have been working, school and all that, so I’ve been kind of busy.  Just came back for the whole racing thing.  This is an awesome series as well.
This is the first time you’ve come out to the TWMX races as a pro, is this your first race in the class?
I raced the whole 2-stroke national series in the pro class, but this is my first local bigger pro race after my injury about a year and a half ago. 
How difficult was it to come back to riding and racing after your injury?
That was a tough one.  Learning how to walk, eat, talk and all that again was a big challenge.  It’s like a mental game after that because you know your head is fragile now.  It’s just a big mental game, that is the toughest part.
How much did that change your focus and attitude toward racing?
Yeah, now I just do it for fun.  It did motivate me to go back to school and pursue other careers as a future and just keep this for fun rather than pursue it as a professional career. 
Do you find you enjoy it more now that it is for fun than to make it a career?
Yeah, for sure, I love it now.  I felt really good on the bike before I got hurt, and coming back and learning how to do it all over again was a challenge, but I just enjoy doing it and it is like a break from real life now. 
What originally got you started racing when you were younger?
I started riding when I was about 6, but didn’t start racing until later when I was 12.  I was a beginner forever but finally started getting better, so we decided to give it a shot.  I traveled a bit, lived in Australia for a while and got to see a lot of cool things out of it.  I don’t regret anything ever.
What else do you do besides motocross?
A lot of work, and also school.  I also like road biking and mountain biking, they’re great for training but I enjoy doing it also.
Do you find the mountain biking is a good crossover training for motocross?
Oh yeah, I love it!  It’s endurance but you have to use your moto skills on the trails and single track.  It is an awesome crossover and really fun.
What are your racing plans for next year?
If I can get the free time this year, I’d like to get my pro license this year.  Maybe hit an outdoor race, that would be awesome.  Maybe just end my career that way, if I could hit just one outdoor race, I’d be stoked.  I know I can get my pro points, I just have to do it. 
What made you pick moto out of all the other sports?
I hated team sports, that’s the main reason.  I always ended up on bad teams but in moto you do it yourself and aren’t relying on others.