I'm Canadian. I'm 35. I like motocross, hockey, the Toronto Maple Leafs, pizza, dogs and giving out my opinion...A lot.

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1 2 3 4 5 12 TWMX Podcast with Larry Brooks
One of the best interviews around is Larry Brooks and in this podcast, he...
Catching Up With Mike Alessi
Mike Alessi is definitely a question mark going into the season, but he's not worried about... TWMX Podcast with Doug Dubach
With all of his years as a pro racer, R&D at Yamaha and now owner of DRD... TWMX Podcast Show with Dave Prater
The man in charge of SX and I talk about the season, rules, privateers,...
Pulpmx 2011 450SX Preview Column
Head on over to for a look at a 450 SX preview column. Right HERE. TWMX Podcast with Ryan Morais
"Flyin" Ryan Morais has been through a lot in his short career, he even...
Live Chat w Steve Matthes- Today @3PM PST
Head on over to today at 3PM PST for a live chat on all things... TWMX Podcast with Jeremy McGrath
Showtime is still the man and in this podcast, he talks about testing...
Catching Up with Dano Legere
The boys over at DMX caught up to DVS Dano for a little chat. Check it out HERE. TWMX Podcast with Jim Holley
"Gentleman" Jim "Hollywood" Holley has a lot of nicknames as well as a lot of... TWMX Podcast with John Gregory
The man behind the iconic JT Racing company talks about his induction in...
Bercy SX Videos @
Go on over to for more editions of PulpMX TV featuring a couple of videos from... Observations from Bercy SX
This is it, the best column about Bercy that you'll read here on TWMX. TWMX Podcast with David Izer
DMXS Radio's David Izer has been around for a long time and him and I talk...
Bercy SX Podcasts
Listen in as the winners, losers, legends and Sorby talk about the Bercy SX and how it went for them....
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