Motocross Discovered I didn't even know what motocross was until 1967 when I was 13. Up until that time I though Hill Climbs were the ticket. But in 1967 when I went to the Mathis Racetrack in New Philadelphia Ohio with some guys that a friend of mine worked for I discovered a whole new world called motocross. It just happened to be some of the world's best racers from Europe. It was one of the races where Edison Dye brought the, then dominate European racers over to promote the popular European sport. I saw CZ's Joel Robert, Husqvarna's Torsten Hallman, the top Czechoslovakian riders on CZs and many others riding like I had never even imagined. From that day on I was hooked. I knew somehow that is what I was going to do. I had been riding a 50cc Harley Davidson on my Dad's farm, stripe mines and back roads for 3 years. I few months before I saw this inspirational race my Dad bought me a 160 Honda Scrambler. After wrecking it on the road with a 16 year old friend, he was the pilot because he had a drivers license, the bike was down and out in need of some major repairs. After a few weeks when my Dad had cooled off a bit he had the bike made into a dirt bike, hill climber, no more street riding possible. Well, then I saw the race and Hill Climb was out and motocross was the new ticket. The next day after I got home from the race I was practicing what I saw. Well, at least trying to. From there my passion for motocross grew and grew. The next year at 14 I was racing about every weekend and riding about 3 or 4 days per week. At first I wouldn't call it practicing as there were no tracks to practice on. Like most at the time I rode what was available in my area to ride. That was trails and stripe mines. By age 16 I was racing the open expert class and winning everything in PA, OH and NY. At age 18 Husqvarna started my Factory Racing Career. I stayed with Husky for 3 years (1972, 73 and 74). Then it was Factory Kawasaki for 3 years, then Can-Am for 1 year, then Honda for 1 year, Yamaha for 1 year and Suzuki for 1 year. During that time I won the 500cc Super Cross Championship for Husqvarna in 1974. I also won several Nationals and placed 2nd and 3rd in the AMA 500 National Series in 1976 and 1979. In 1977 I raced as a member of the U.S. team in the Motocross and Trophy des Nations that were held in France and Holland. In 1982 I began racing in the 500cc World Championship Grand Prix. My best year was 1982 when I placed 7th in the 500cc series. During my racing career I was always a top 10 finisher in World Class MX Competition. I'm proud of my accomplishments because I know how hard I worked at it but at the same time I realize I could have done better if I knew how to prepare better. If I knew how to test and adjust the bike better, how to learn and practice better, how to make the right decisions, not only in racing but in life in general. I guess you could say I learned by trial and error, by making mistakes, learning the hard way, going to the school of hard knocks. I think falling short of my potential as many other racers have done I got the motivation to teach and coach young upcoming riders to do things the right way. So in 1985 when my pro racing career came to a forced ending from going full circle back to a privateer I began my Motocross Instructional School. In the years since I’ve trained hundreds of students, but the one's you’ve probably heard the most about are Jeremy McGrath, Kevin Windham and Ryan Villopoto,. I was Jeremy’s personal trainer for most of his career. I trained Kevin and Ryan for a few years back in their earlier days. I have trained and coached many other top pro motocross racers, including Brock Hepler, Stephane Roncada, Brock Sellards, Steve Lamson, John Dowd, Ezra Lusk, Ernesto Fonseca, Brian Swink, Mike Brown, Kyle Lewis, Jiri Dostal, Branden Jesseman. I’ve also trained Off-Road heroes Fred Andrews, Chuck Woodford and Rich Lafferty. "See Testimonials". I have found that I have a real knack for teaching, and it has become my goal to train motocross riders around the world. In order to reach all you MX enthusiasts, I produced the (Gary Semics Motocross Techniques DVD Series. The 3 volume series presently includes 15 technique DVDs, 1 motocross fitness training DVD, a Motocross Practice Manual, one historic DVD called (The Evolution of Motocross) The 2 Day MX School DVD and some other stand alone DVDs. for a total of 20 as of March 2011. In 1993 I also began to franchise my schools out to other qualified instructors Worldwide that I have personally trained to teach the same way I do. Through my network of schools, instructional DVDs, and riding technique manual, I have introduced nearly a half million amateur riders to what I term, “The 55 Absolute Techniques of Motocross” – commandments for the motocross track calculated to give riders ideal body position and balance while accelerating, cornering, jumping, braking, along with mastery of each of the motorcycle’s five controls. Maintaining the center of balance and mastering the use of the throttle, brakes, clutch and shifter are the fundamentals which serve as the whole foundation of Motocross. But there are dozens of individual techniques to learn and practice that go into mastering these fundamentals. When a rider can automatically do all the techniques correctly and shred the entire course with a style all his own, it’s way more than just motocross riding; it’s a form of art. Here at my motocross school and with my instructional DVDs we’re all about the most effective coaching, training and motocross instruction to bring out the best in every rider; whether they are in the C class or one of the world’s best. Find your motocross potential here at GSMXS. Keep it real, keep an attitude of gratitude, Gary Semics

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