2011 National Enduro Champ Russell Bobbitt coming to Las Vegas for the final round

Photos by Shan Moore

EX: First of all congratulations on your fourth National Enduro Championship.
RB: Thanks a lot!! It has been a great year and this championship feels really very fulfilling after coming back from a rough year.

Word is that you decided to come out to the last round of EnduroCross in Las Vegas and give it another try?
Yes, I am coming out to Las Vegas for the AMA Banquet and figured while I am out there I can give Endurocross another shot!

How many EnduroCross events have you raced so far? And how did you do in those?
I have only raced the Vegas Round last year. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from that event. I didn’t do so hot there last year as I struggled in the rock section in my last heat and missed going to the main night show.

What made you decide to do the last round of EnduroCross?
I know this sport is growing and will continue to get bigger. I want to be apart of the action and improve on my results last year.

How much different is racing National Enduro than EnduroCross? How do you prepare for a National Enduro vs EnduroCross?
They are very different while at the same time similar in certain ways. The National Enduro races are a more endurance based sport as you will race 6 special tests that ends up covering 65 plus ground miles of different trail through out a day. While Endurocross on the other hand is a series of short technical sprints. At the same time though both series require riding as fast as you can while minimizing mistakes! For the Endurocross, I will do some testing on Endurocross specific tracks and obstacles. I ride all kinds of different terrain training for enduros.

What kind of results are you expecting to get?
I am looking to get into the night show and race the main event. From there I hope to get good start and go from there!

It seems like there are two types of riders in a EnduroCross race, a finesse rider and a charger, which type of rider are you?
I feel like I am a finesse rider. I don’t take outrageous chances and try and ride smooth on the more technical parts of the track.

Who are your favorite riders in the EnduroCross series? Who do you think has the best chance of beating Taddy?
My top three fav’s would probably be Taddy for his crazy skills, Brown for killing it at everything he does, and Redmond for his determination.

Thanks Russell and good luck!