2011 In Review: Our Favorite Photos and Videos

It is unfortunate that we sometimes get lost in the sheer mass of content that we compile for each issue and online feature, that the remarkable photos or videos are soon pushed by the wayside for the next shot. With the next race season just days away, we decided to recollect on our favorite pieces that made up 2011, in both print and video. Over the next few pages, each of us will share with you why these stick out in our minds over all the rest.

Donn Maeda, Editor In Chief

Favorite Video – Shadow: James Stewart at Chicagoland

My favorite video of 2011 was the “James Stewart Shadow at Chicagoland Raceway.” Sure, it wasn’t a motocross video, but spending the day with James at the truck races was fun for several reasons. First, it was fun to see him actually out of his element and nervous about what he was doing. His learning curve was impressive: he went from rolling his truck on the first lap, to turning in legitimately fast laps in his truck en route to a top ten finish. It was also cool to be able to candidly film James and his family as they really are. Malcolm and Big James didn’t cut Bubba any slack! I’m hoping that now that he’s seen what a Shadow video is, and now that there’s no more Bubba’s World, James will let me Shadow him at a National this summer.