2011 In Review: The Top 20 Most Searched Riders

With only a handful of days remaining in the year, we decided to geek out over statistics on our site. In the coming days, we will relive the most discussed moments of 2011; from the “Perfect Storm” that was seemingly each and every professional US title chase to the most viewed videos on TWMX. We begin with this, the top twenty most searched riders on our site during these past twelve months. We knew that names such as Reed, Stewart, Barcia, and Villopoto would appear, but we were genuinely surprised when a few guys showed up the list. Read on and make your assumption as to whom we may mean.

20. Todd Potter

Todd Potter

Todd Potter’s role as antagonist on “Bubba’s World” cast an undeserved view on the freestyle rider, one that is still very much alive. Potter’s prowess on a bike, namely his ability to whip a dirt bike, aids in his versatility at both natural and manmade terrain, and the repertoire of tricks in the Metal Mulisha backed rider makes him a contender for a medal at any contest he enters.