2012 FMF Baja Bonanza

Story and Photos by Brendan Lutes

Lets face it; no one started riding a dirt bike on a perfectly prepped motocross track. As virgins to motocross, we all loaded up and headed to the desert or local trails to learn a thing or two on a dirt bike. It’s those infant years aboard a motocross bike that many riders regard so fondly. And for the past three years now, FMF, DC Shoes, Spy, Toyota, Troy Lee Designs, and The Desert Assassins have put together a ride of epic proportions south of the border in Baja, Mexico, harking back to those early years of riding when it was all about fun with your buddies.

Affectionately named the Baja Bonanza, this three-day trip brings racers, motocross industry peeps, and friends from all backgrounds together for the time of their lives. This year, the trip began at Horsepower Ranch just outside of Ensenada, climbed into the mountains to the infamous Mike’s Sky Ranch, then headed out to the coast for a night at Coyote Cal’s before wrapping up at Horsepower Ranch again on the final day. For this year’s ride, numerous current and former racers showed up for some fun. Included in the 40-plus man riding train were Jeremy McGrath, Kurt Caselli, Michael LaPaglia, Kyle Redmond, Geoff Aaron, Colton Udall, Kendall Norman, Danny LaPorte, and Matt Eddy.

What you’ll find in the pages of the following post is a breakdown of each day and a humongous photo gallery at the end. We’re already looking forward to next year’s ride…

Horsepower Ranch is tucked away in the hills just outside Ensenada, Mexico, and has tons of memorabilia from the Baja races found all throughout the bar area and sitting room. The ranch also boasts a motocross track, which according to ride leader Cameron Steele you probably shouldn’t ride. People tend to get hurt when they ride it.
Spy’s Victor Sheldon was one of the first to discovery exactly what the M-I-N-E game is all about. When asked who the shiny new green machine in the background belong to, Victor promptly answered, “Oh, that’s mine! I love that thing.” If you say “mine” down in Baja, you have to drop and pound out 10 push-ups.
The night before the ride, everyone got together for dinner and introduced themselves. Cameron Steele, Donny "Lil' D" Emler, and Travis Clarke also let everyone know what they were to expect.

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