2012 Staff Picks : Donn Maeda

Our fearless leader and Editor-in-Chief Donn Maeda has been in the industry for over 20 years. When he says that these things are his favorites, they must be good.

Favorite Cover

Jake Weimer
May Issue
Groveland, Florida

“My favorite cover of the year was hands down, Chris Kinman’s Eli Tomac cover, but since Brendan Lutes already claimed it as his favorite I will go with my cover of Jake Weimer early in the year. Jake isn’t known as an especially flashy rider, so I think it was pretty cool to capture him pulling off a really nasty scrub at Ryan Villopoto’s Florida compound. We pride ourselves on our covers because we always try to go the extra mile to get something exclusive. The only time you’ll ever see us use a raceday photo is if the action is extraordinary, or circumstances beyond our control make it impossible to conduct an exclusive photo shoot. That day, I was I put in town for a few hours as I had departed on a red eye flight and was returning late the following afternoon. All told, I was gone for 23 hours. Jake was really accommodating and easy to work with, and after a bunch of whip and corner shots, I asked him if he could scrub this hump, just to see what it might look like. “I’ll try,” was his answer, and after his first scrub I knew I had found the perfect cover shot section of the track. The way Shane Kinman added the headlines made it an even better cover, and this stands put to me as one of my favorites of all time.”