2012 TransWorld Motocross Industry Cup

Photos by Kinman and Antonovich

For three years, the day prior to the TransWorld SLAM Festival has hosted the TransWorld Motocross Industry Cup for the numerous companies involved in our sport. The three-moto “des Nations” format pits three riders from a team (MX1,MX2, MX3) against their friendly rivals as they all vie for the Tretta-Motoda Cup and bragging rights as the fastest company in motocross. Going into this year’s event, FMF Racing was looking for redemption, as they finished in both previous runnings to Deft Family (2010) and MSR (2011), while the aforementioned brands hoped to become two-time winners.

Moto One (MX1/MX2)

Deft Family’s Andy Bakken tore off with the early lead in the first moto of the day over FMF’s Nick Evennou and MSR’s Randy Valade, but as the five-lap moto continued on, he would be reeled in and passed by Jeff Emig of Fox Racing. With only turns left to go, Emig made the pass and took the moto and MX1 win, while Bakken claimed the MX2 honors.


  1. Jeff Emig (Fox)
  2. Doug Dubach (Dubach Racing)
  3. Jeff Northrup (FMF)
  4. Brett Hottel (MTA/EKS)
  5. Brian Foster (Deft)


  1. Andy Bakken (Deft)
  2. Nick Evennou (FMF)
  3. Randy Valade (MSR)
  4. Casey Huntley (Dubach Racing)
  5. Austin White (Fox)

Moto Two (MX2/MX3)

Bakken continued his dominance in his second outing, as he stayed in front of JB Buller of Mika Metals and Valade. Carnage in the first turn claimed a number of racers, including TWMX‘s Dominic Gaytan, Evennou, and MTA/EKS team leader Rich Taylor. As they barreled into the left hander, Taylor lost control and went down directly in Evennou’s path, where he was nailed by the Honda racer. RT would remount battered and climb to ninth, but was then docked five spots for cutting the track.

MSR’s Ben Geise gave his team to their first moto win of the day in the MX3 ranks, where the former pro privateer took the final flag nearly seven seconds ahead of Garrett Potter of MTA/EKS and FMF’s Donny Emler.


  1. Andy Bakken (Deft)
  2. JB Buller (Mika)
  3. Randy Valade (MSR)
  4. Jade Dungey (KTM)
  5. Austin White (Fox)


  1. Ben Geise (MSR)
  2. Garrett Potter (MTA/EKS)
  3. Donny Emler (FMF)
  4. Jon Burleson (KTM)
  5. P Temmerman (DT-1)

Moto Three (MX1/MX3)

Doug Dubach rocketed out of the gate on his Dubach Racing Yamaha and raced with an open track while closest competition for the overall, Jeff Emig, high sided and slammed the ground just before the step-up double. With no one to stick a wheel to the veteran, Dubach motored away to a commanding 12 second win over Jeff Northru and Charles Castloo’s third place finish, which helped improve MSR’s lead in the over FMF in the overall tally.¬†While his teammate took a podium, Geise claimed yet another moto win over Potter, Temmerman, and Emler.

With the racing concluded, the scorers began to figure up totals and announced that MSR would once again be awarded the Tretta-Motoda Cup over FMF by a mere three points.


  1. Doug Dubach (Dubach Racing)
  2. Jeff Northrup (FMF)
  3. Charles Castloo (MSR)
  4. Brian Foster (Deft)
  5. Hunter Falk (KTM)


  1. Ben Geise (MSR)
  2. Garrett Potter (MTA/EKS)
  3. P Temmerman (DT-1)
  4. Donny Emler (FMF)
  5. Jon Burleson (KTM)

Overall Team Finish

  1. MSR 11pts
  2. FMF 14pts
  3. MTA/EKS 24pts
  4. Deft 25pts
  5. Fox 26pts