2013 Suzuki Press Intro And Yoshimura Tour

Today, Suzuki invited the press out to Yoshimura’s headquarters in Chino, California, to not only unveil the new 2013 RM-Z450 and RM-Z250, but to also give the press a tour of Yoshimura’s impressive manufacturing facility. Many people might not realize, or even be aware, that Yosh actually produces most of its products in the United States with very little of it coming from Japan. Surprising considering Yoshimura is a Japanese company. With the increasing cost of shipping and exchange rates, producing products in the United States is actually cheaper to do than it once was. After the tour, everyone sat down for a presentation of the new updates to the RM-Z line up, and while the two bikes look very similar to last year’s offering, they actually have quite a few exciting new changes.

For 2013, both the RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 received Showa’s second generation Separate Function Fork as well as some shock and linkage updates. Both bikes also have changes done to the frame for better handling. As for the motor, Suzuki updated the gearbox on the RM-Z250 and focused on improving the power of both bikes. And when looking at the dyno charts provided by Suzuki, it’s easy to see that the goal was accomplished.

Tomorrow we will be taking to the track aboard the RM-Z450, so you’ll have to wait until then to hear what we think of how the bike performs out on the track, as well as a more in-depth breakdown on the changes. Until then, enjoy the photos from today.

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The Yoshimura headquarters in Chino, California, also house the Suzuki factory motocross and Superbike race shops. There were a few vintage bikes—built by James Stewart's mechanic, Lee McCollum—and some factory race machines on display out front.
Ricky Carmichael's championship-winning RM250 two-stroke was out front of the race shop.
On the surface, the 2013 RM-Z450 looks to have only received minor changes. Underneath, however, there are actually quite a few updates, including Showa's SFF fork.
The RM-Z250 also received the new SFF fork. It got some new engine updates as well. We get to ride this bike next week.
The front entry of Yoshimura prominently shows off all the championship plates the company has won over the years.
The shipping department is the last stop Yoshimura systems see before being sent to dealers and customers. How much money do you think is in this box?