2014 Unadilla MX Photo Gallery

2014 Unadilla MX Photo Gallery

Images by Jeff Kardas

Even though it is placed just feet off Route 8, the sprawling hills and valleys that make up the Unadilla Motorsports facility are far out of eyesight from the road. Instead, you see an aging white barn that does little to separate this patch of green grass from the other farms along the North-South road. Once out of the car and on the grounds, you being to develop a sense of the history that has taken place on the same swath of land for forty-five years. From the early runnings of the Trans-AMA events, to the USA versus the World battles that transpired at the numerous United States Grand Prix of Motocross and the Motocross des Nations, few places in the sporting world can claim that they have had greatest participants of numerous generations leave everything they had on the same exact surface.

Gone are the days of riders blasting handlebar-high grass in the first practice sessions, but instead we see the fastest racers ever blasting around the course from the very moment their tires hit the soil. The rocky surface has been the topic of countless complaints, and for damn good reason, but if Bob Hannah and Roger Decoster could take a rock to the knuckles without handguards, boy you should be able to, too.

The images Jeff Kardas captured this year perfectly documented what will go on to become another storied chapter in the Unadilla history books. From the early morning shots of a track cloaked by fog to the decimated course, we are able to see the full day at the tenth round of the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

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2014 Unadilla MX Photo Gallery