ASA Action Sport World Tour

With a mild breeze blowing in the Southern California heat, the eighth annual ASA Action Sports World Tour kicked into action. In practice, Javier Villegas’ day ended in a cloud of dust as he over rotated a backflip and broke bones in his hand. First up was Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg vs. Adam Jones with Jones taking the win followed by Taka Higashino vs. Nate Adams with Adams edging Taka out. Next up was Levi Sherwood and Todd Potter. Potter was an alternate coming into the event and was brought on after Javier crashed out. Unfortunately, Levi went down hard and with a possible broken femur and wrist. The final showdown was Mason vs. Adams. After coming out strong with a 360 nac, Adams failed to throw together a complete run and for the second year in a row, the winner of the ASA Action Sports World Tour went to the man from Carson City Nevada, Mike Mason.

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