Canadian Kickstart: 2013 Toronto Supercross

Photos by Jeff Kardas and Michael Antonovich

Each year the Monster Energy Supercross series breaks out their passports and heads north for the lone international round, which takes place in Toronto, Canada. The Ontario capitol is a welcome stop and despite the challenges it takes to get there, it is worth the hassle once one takes a walk through downtown. Fans come from across the north to catch the action and Saturday was attended by a mix of Canadian and American visitors.

On Friday night word spread that Chad Reed would make an “announcement” of some kind, but the details were vague at best. Discussions and rumors ranged from a change in bike brands to the signing of a new rider to retirement, but all of these possibilites were far off the mark. Reed instead stated that he will undergo a small surgery on Tuesday to have the knee he injured in Dallas last season rescoped and will possible miss Houston.
The Rogers Centre, located in the shadow of the CN Tower, is one of Canada’s premier venues. It is occupied year-round with the CFL, MLB, and concert tours that take place with the retractable roof opened.
Attendance in the Rogers Centre has consistently grown over the years, but the size of the stadium makes the overall number look small. Almost every available seat in the lower and middle bowls were occupied (the portion of the stands under the screen is under construction) and the crowd came alive during the main event.
Fans funneled into the stadium from the moment the gates opened at 12:30 and didn’t leave until well after the final lap was over. This could be due to a number of things, but odds are it’s because this was the lone round of AMA racing north of the border.
The Rogers Centre floor is easily the largest on the tour and Dirt Wurx is free to build a massive course. Lap times were just a few seconds higher than the Supercross norm (57-1:00 range), but the running order was much the same.