Chasing The Storm Premiere

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg has made quite a few movies throughout his career, each with a different style, but Twitch and his brother-in-law, John Sanders, decided to take it back for his latest film, Chasing The Storm. “All the motorcycle movies nowadays,” Twitch told us, “everyone is trying to follow the same roll that the last dude did and try to outdo him. It’s just been interview after interview and slow motion shot after slow motion shot. I was just like, ‘Fuck that. Let’s go back to what we liked watching when we were kids, like Crusty [Demons of Dirt] and MotoXXX—just punk rock and dirt bikes. Strictly freeriding and that’s it.’ Hopefully you guys like it. If not, I don’t give a shit, because I like it.”

Twitch and his brother-in-law, John Sanders, set out to get back to the roots of freestyle motocross and put together a film of just “punk rock and dirt bikes.”

In his first attempt at making a movie, Sanders did exactly what he and Twitch set out to do, and Chasing The Storm has the raw, fast-paced feel that the early movies had back in the day when “freestyle motocross” first started taking off. “We kept it fast-paced with funny, natural behind the scenes footage,” Sanders explains. “We filmed over the last two winters exclusively in the hills—no ramps and no tracks—and used a classic punk rock soundtrack that fires you up! We were able to capture amazing freeriding footage from some of the world’s best riders, plus a bunch of crashes and hilarious outtakes that really show the personalities of the riders.”
Who wants to miss a movie premiere thrown by Twitch and Fox? The private screening for friends and family took place at the Fox Head, Inc. Global Headquarters in Irvine, California, and it was a packed house.

When the film was finally finished, Twitch gathered his friends and family at the Fox Head, Inc. Headquaters in Irvine, California, for a private screening, and we headed out to get a sneak peek for ourselves. What do we think? If you’re looking for a new-age film with hi-tech slow motion shots, emotionally inspiring interviews, innovative new tricks, and the latest Skrillex soundtrack, Chasing The Storm definitely isn’t it. But if you just want to watch Southern California freeriding at it’s finest, then make sure you download it when it drops on Itunes on July 15. In our honest opinion, with a cast of riders like Jeremy Stenberg, Darryn Durham, Josh Hansen, Tyler Bereman, Doug Parsons, Andy Bakken, Taka Higashino, Vinnie Carbone, and Lance Coury, and riding locations like Beaumont, Ocotillo Wells, Temecula Hills, Jackpot Ranch, Bakersfield, and Palm Avenue, any fan of dirt bikes will enjoy the new flick.

Chasing The Storm Premiere

Chasing The Storm Trailer