Country Grammar – Everything SX From The Mo’

Photos by Michael Antonovich and Jeff Kardas

You missed so much from St. Louis. The lack of live TV coverage made it impossible for the scant next day broadcasts to cover everything that went on inside the Edward Jones Dome, but that is why we are here and make the big bucks.

There were some tense moments during and after the 450 main event. Kyle Chisholm and Matt Goerke made contact, and the impact threw Chisholm viciously into the ground between lanes of the track. Suddenly the red flag flew and the Asterisk crew tended to the downed rider. It was obvious something was wrong when they pulled the back board off of the cart and placed a collar around the JGR fill-in rider’s neck. His wife, Britney, posted updates onto Twitter as their time at the hospital slowly clicked by, and by morning it was revealed that the back pain and lack of leg movement and control he suffered was due to a “stinger.” Chisholm was released from the hospital and homeward bound on Sunday evening. Feel better, Chizzy.
Confusion abounded during the 450 main event in regards to the legality of Ryan Villopoto’s passes for the lead. His first steal of the position was overruled when it was said that he jumped while in a section yellow flags were present. A second separate crash after the restart brought out the cross and yellow flags, and as he and James Stewart went through the section, RV overtook the spot. Stewart stated in “HWYW?” that the move caught him off guard, because of the flags, and numerous protests were filed with the AMA after the race concluded. After a few tense hours, the AMA announced that the results stood and RV claimed the win.
St. Louis’ soil is considered the best of the 14 city championship. With the city and surrounding areas considered a flood plain, (the ancient Mississippi River extended about 15-miles wider than its current banks) the brightly colored clay has huge deposits of minerals. It breaks down in a positive way and is almost endlessly loamy as the bikes tread over it and break the hard pack seal.
After riders complained of dryness on the previous tracks, the The Dirt Wurx crew went the extra mile and soaked the track on Friday and Saturday morning. During track walk, there were even puddles in some low spots, and the entire track was soft and pliable.
The layout featured the longest whoop section we have seen this year, and it looked fairly deep and intimidating during the morning track walk. Come the night show, they were mowed down and seemed to be nothing more than slight bumps to factory suspension. Riders were not thrilled with this decision.