First Look: 2014 Yamaha YZ450F And YZ250F

We were recently given the chance to take a look at the all-new 2014 Yamaha YZ250F and YZ450F before they were unveiled to the public at Yamaha’s dealer show in Las Vegas this week, and it goes without saying that we have been anxiously waiting to reveal the details.
Since its introduction in 2010, the YZ450F has been met with mix reviews and only seen minor refinements. For 2014, however, Yamaha is introducing a completely new 450, featuring a new chassis, motor refinements, and suspension upgrades. As for the YZ250F, it has had the same motor for numerous years and has not been equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection like every other bike in the category. For this year, Yamaha is releasing an all-new 250cc four-stroke that has the same design elements as the YZ450F. For both bikes, Yamaha’s main focus was moving the bulk of the weight to the center of the machine in order to improve the handing characteristics. Furthermore, the only parts of the 2013 models that carried over to the 2014 machines, were the front fender, front number plate, brakes, Kayaba suspension, and rear wheel. Below are some of the key points about both machines. But rest assured, we will have more information for you as soon as we take delivery of the bikes in the coming months.

2014 YAMAHA YZ450F

The all-new 2014 Yamaha YZ450F

-The piston, intake, exhaust valves and ports, valve mechanism, ignition timing, and fuel injection mapping have all been revised to increase power
-New high-performance ECU designed to boost bottom-end power
-Exhaust now circles the cylinder before connecting to muffler, which is now further forward and tucked under the rear side panel for better mass centralization
-New wet-sump oil system
-New shifting mechanisms for smoother shifting
-New Bilateral Beam frame, which features a head tube that is 10mm closer to the rider. The overall dimensions are roughly the same as the 2013 YZ250F
-New larger diameter front axle and top triple clamp help to increase rigidity on the front end
-New layout for airbox and gas tank, as well as slimmer radiator design, gives the bike a slimmer feeling between the rider’s legs

2014 YAMAHA YZ250F

The all-new Yamaha YZ250F

-Shares new bodywork with YZ450F
-New DOHC four-valve, fuel injected engine with the same straight intake, rear-inclined cylinder and rear-positioned exhaust layout as the YZ450F
-Exhaust exits the rear of the cylinder and wraps around before connecting to the muffler. The new layout allows the muffler to be positioned 190mm further forward and tucked further under the rear side panel for better mass centralization
-The new Electronic Fuel Injection system is compatible with the GYTR Power Tuner, is fully adjustable, and uses a 44mm throttle body
-New aluminum Bilateral Beam frame is designed to offer excellent rigidity balance
-New front and rear suspension settings to complement the new chassis

First Look: 2014 Yamaha YZ450F And YZ250F