“How I Spent My First Weekend Off”

“How I Spent My First Weekend Off”

The life of a professional motocross racer can be grueling. Between riding and testing, putting time in at the gym, never-ending travel, media and PR, and of course, the long and arduous race schedules, it’s not often that a rider gets a weekend off to do whatever they please. But with Monster Energy Supercross jumping into the first rounds of the 250 East Coast series, many West Coast competitors got exactly that—a weekend off—so we decided to talk with a few to see how they enjoyed it.

Jason Anderson

“I longboarded some ditches by my house in New Mexico.”


Justin Hill

“I actually don’t have Fox Sports 2, so I went bowling and watched the race there [laughs]!”

Cooper Webb

“Friday night, my mechanic Matt and I went to the Naked and Famous/Imagine Dragons concert in LA. We had cleared some new mountain trails all week, so on Saturday we went on a big mountain bike ride, and then after I went to a little cookout to watch the race.”


Jessy Nelson

“I went to the Idaho Arenacross and was a mechanic all day for a friend.”


Cole Seely

I spent my first Saturday off hanging out with some friends and family in Newbury Park, where I grew up. I went on a mountain bike ride and relaxed with my girlfriend. We also have a new team sponsor this year, Horizon Hobby, so I spent some of my weekend building my team Losi RC car. Oh, and obviously yelling at the TV while watching the race [laughs]!”

Malcolm Stewart

“I made an Instagram video.”


Dean Wilson

“I went on an epic mountain bike ride on my Specialized mountain bike.”