Geneva Supercross: Musquin Wins Night One

Geneva Supercross: Musquin Wins Night One

Photos: Chris Kimball

The 28th Annual Geneva Supercross kicked off last night at the PalExpo Arena in Geneva, Switzerland, and from start to finish the action never ceased as four classes battled throughout night one of the two-night format for the ultimate prize of claiming the Geneva Crown. SX1 featured some of the world’s best racers, including heavy hitters like Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin, GEICO Honda’s Wil Hahn, Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/MAVTV/Honda’s Malcolm Stewart, and of course the three-time reigning King of Geneva, JGRMX’s Justin Brayton. Also featured in the largest European Supercross is the Women’s Supercross class, with world-class riders like Jessica Patterson, Vicki Golden, Meghan Rutledge, and Kiara Fontanesi, the SX2 class, and the Freegun Junior Cup which all riders pilot 125cc two-stroke machines.

The Geneva Supercross is the largest one of its kind of all of Europe, and they put on one hell of a show!


SX1 Heat One
In the first heat of the night, Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin pulled the holeshot and stole the early lead. TLD/Lucas Oil/MAVTV/Honda’s Malcolm Stewart quickly moved into second and kept Musquin in his sights, but a small crash gave Musquin plenty of room to take the win. Stewart would hold on to take second, and France’s Gregory Aranda finished in third.

1. Marvin Musquin
2. Malcolm Stewart
3. Gregory Aranda
4. Boris Maillard
5. Angelo Pellegrini
6. Tyler Bowers

SX1 Heat Two
Justin Brayton lead the way into the first corner in heat number two and never looked back. GEICO Honda’s Wil Hahn had trouble throughout the heat, hitting the ground and dropping back in the pack, but a determined Hahn worked his way back up to second place. Brayton pulled away out front for an easy heat win, and Hahn held on to second.

1. Justin Brayton
2. Wil Hahn
3. Fabien Izoird
4. Loic Rombaut
5. Thomas Ramette
6. Julien Bill

1. Matteo Bonini
2. Charles Lefrancois

SX1 Main Event
Marvin Musquin squeezed his way into the first corner aboard his Red Bull KTM 350SX-F and jumped out in front. Malcolm Stewart was close behind in second, with Justin Brayton in hot pursuit in third, and Wil Hahn in fourth. On the second lap, a bobble by Stewart caused him to lose the front-end of his Honda CRF450R and hit the ground, collecting Brayton who was right on his tail, and the crash handed Hahn second place. When they finally separated their bikes and resumed the race, both Stewart and Brayton were dead last. Brayton had remounted his bike first and managed to work his way through the pack up to the sixth position. Stewart fell a lap back, but he rode behind Musquin for the remainder of the race and actually started to real the in leader before the checkered flag flew. Musquin took the first win of the weekend, Hahn finished in second, and France’s Gregory Aranda took an impressive third. Stewart ended the night in 10th.

1. Marvin Musquin
2. Wil Hahn
3. Gregory Aranda
4. Fabien Izoird
5. Angelo Pellegrini
6. Justin Brayton
7. Loic Rombaut
8. Boris Maillard
9. Silivan Jaulin
10. Malcolm Stewart
11. Matteo Bonini
12. Thomas Ramette
13. Jason Clermont
14. Charles Lefrancois
15. Tyler Bowers
16. Julien Bill
17. Kevin Ballanger
18. Cedric Mannevy