After Saturday night’s race, Zach Bell is probably the most talked about rider, but it’s not because he won. After grabbing the holeshot in his heat race, it looked like the Geico Honda rider was going to easily cruise to the checkers, but with one lap to go, disaster struck. In an attempt to scrub the face of a triple, Bell’s foot was caught up with his footpeg, and was ejected off of his bike. The crowd stood in silence as the young rider laid face down in the hard-packed, Texas dirt, forcing the red flag to come out. Moments later, cheers erupted as Bell stood up on his own, and walked away with nothing more than a few bruises and cuts. Miraculously, Bell said that he wasn’t knocked out after falling nearly three-stories. There have been plenty of speculations about the new 6D helmet the Geico Honda riders are wearing, but after that incident, you can’t argue with the safety of it.