Injury Free – Nate Adams Is Back Riding

Last year didn’t treat multi-time X Games medalist Nate Adams very well. After dominating the 2011 X Games, he transitioned to Red Bull X Fighters where he moved into the points lead early, establishing himself as the rider to beat. Then while practicing for the final round of the series, he crashed and suffered a devastating shoulder injury that required surgery and months off the bike. After healing up, he returned to riding, but went down again while participating in the annual TransWorld Industry Cup race at Lake Elsinore MX Park. The crash resulted in another dislocated shoulder and five more months off the bike.

Today, we stopped by Nate’s place to find out how things have been going for him since returning to the bike less than a month ago. As we discovered, he already has some flip tricks back, and he is quickly getting the feel for the all-new 2013 Honda CRF450R. Check out the photos below and don’t forget to come back later for a full video interview with Adams.

Nate Adams is enjoying being back on the bike. He was all smiles today as he shook down his new 2013 Honda CRF450R.
The Deft Family HQ course features numerous ramp hits and a foam pit, plus a Speed and Style course around the perimeter of the property. After making big changes to it last year, the course is now better than ever.
During his time off, Nate definitely didn’t lose the ability to whip his bike. Here he lofts the big thumper over his perfectly manicured grass-covered landing.
With the over-seas X Games rounds just around the corner, Nate wrapped up his morning riding session with a few motos around the Speed and Style track. He hasn’t lost the speed that earned him his AMA Pro license a few years ago.