Jim McNeil Memorial Ride

This week marked one year since the passing of freestyle motocross rider Jim McNeil. To celebrate his life, family, friends, and riders put together a ride day at Jimmy Fitzpatrick’s epic Fitzland riding area. Located in the heart of Temecula, California, tons of people showed up to not only ride in the morning, but BBQ in the afternoon, making it a day that McNeil would no doubt be proud of.

So many riders showed up that things got a little hectic, causing some to take a break and watch for a few minutes.
Josh Hansen even made an appearance and sessioned this massive jump with all the FMX riders. This photo was the first time Hanny hit the jump, and he did so in his effortless textbook style, throwing a look-back whip and landing smoothly.
Twitch and Hanny had a little fun. After Twitch roosted Hansen, Hanny retaliated by wheeling his bike into Twitch, knocking him over, and then roosting him.
Trains like this of [from left to right] Kenny “Taco” Bell, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, and Brian Deegan were a common occurrence throughout the day.
No jump was left untouched, as Wes Agee demonstrates off the ramps.
Jimmy Fitzpatrick has been busy over the past couple months, building new jumps like the one pictured here. No one knows the property and jumps better than Fitz.

Check out more photos from the day below.