Kawasaki KLX110 Intro

Fox Racing recently hosted Kawasaki’s introduction of one of the funnest little motorcycles on the market, the KLX110.  This year along with the redesigned KLX, Kawi recognized that many of the mini four-strokes they sell are ridden by adults, so they figured while they were at it, “why not build a slightly bigger version?”  With that came the birth of the KLX110L, which has more suspension travel and a seat nearly two inches higher than its little brother. The other major difference? The KLX110L also comes with a full manual, four-speed transmisson as opposed to the automatic clutch found on the KLX110.  Other accoutrements on the little rippers include an awesome electric starter (if they can fit that on these little bikes, it is beyond us why they don’t already have them on their full-sized MXers), revised valve timing for added power, and some very cool looking new body paneling.  Check out the gallery below to see some of the action that went down on Fox’s fun little backyard mini track.

To learn more about the new 2010 KLX110 and KLX110L, please visit www.kawasaki.com.