Kick (starting) It In Oakland

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer had been battling with pneumonia all week, but he still attempted to line up behind the gate in Oakland. After his qualifying sessions, though, he decided to rest up and prepare for Anaheim III.
After making the main event for the first time this season at Anaheim II, the Epstein camp was on a high coming into Oakland. Things were off to a good start for Dillan as his qualifying times put him straight into the night show, but things took a turn for the worst in his heat race. While battling with the rest of the pack, Epstein’s shifter was bent down, and he was unable to move freely throughout his gears. When he finally managed to get his bike to shift up, it shifted back down on the face of the triple. Consequently, he came up considerably short on the triple, and busted his face open on his handlebars. “I look like a got in a fight with a UFC fighter and lost,” laughed Dillan “but I’m all good, and I’ll be back for redemption at Anaheim III!”
The straightaway immediately after the finish line jump may have not been the hardest obstacle on the track, but with the riders accelerating out of the corner at a high rate of speed, the possibility of high-siding was elevated. While going for a hot lap, Travis Baker found this out first-hand, and was ejected off of his Valli Motorsports Yamaha machine. It took some time before he was able to remount, but besides some bumps and scrapes, he was all good.
Kevin Windham’s retirement tour has officially started, and the fans are still grieving. K-Dub’s autograph line was one of the longest in the pits, and this fan had a sign that read, “K-Dub and retirement don’t mix.”