Lucas Oil Off Road Racing at Lake Elsinore

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series has seen tremendous growth over the past few seasons, thanks in part to the talented roster of competitors across all divisions and the support of numerous sponsors. The excitement of the LOORS series is a breath of fresh air when compared to other racing and is the driving force as to why it has prospered in a time where many disciplines are seeing a decline in spectator turnout. We headed to Lake Elsinore’s new short course facility to check out the action..

Jeremy Stenberg is the most recent motocross addition to the LOORS racing series. Twitch began driving last season, but his X Games injuries set back his progress in the truck.
Carey Hart competes in the Pro 4 Unlimited division in a four wheel drive, 800 horsepower truck. With this being his final year as a professional freestyle rider, Hart's truck racing will increase in the next few seasons.
There are an array of sponsors that dip into both motocross and off-road racing, as Jeremy McGrath's truck shows.
The dash of a racing truck is much more complex than simple motocross handlebars.
To help cope with the changing track conditions, teams spend hours cutting extra grooves into the rubber. When the track is dry, tires with more cuts will be mounted onto the truck.
While some LOORS teams focus on just one or two drivers, there are massive efforts like Stronghold Motorsports. It is a constant buzz of activity underneath the team's Monster awning.
McGrath and Stenberg's involvement in short course racing has been a driving force behind the sport's growing popularity.