Miss TWMX Chrissy Hubbard at UFC 133


We tagged along with the newly-crowned Miss TransWorld Motocross, Chrissy Hubbard, for a weekend in the the City of Brotherly Love for UFC 133, featuring the Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz main event. Chrissy won the latest TWMX Model Search and, in doing so, was invited by the UFC to be a guest Octagon Girl for 133. Since we like to provide all of the support we possibly can for our models, we escorted her to Philadelphia, where she would be strutting around the Octagon in between rounds. As many of you know, the UFC has a gigantic following, so it was no surprise that a capacity crowd squeezed into the Wells Fargo Center to take in some good ol’ fashioned pugilistic awesomeness.
With the weekend off from racing, we gladly joined Chrissy at UFC 133, cheering her on in between the occasional cocktail and cheesesteak. We were treated excellently by the UFC brass and enjoyed ringside seats so we could properly experience all of the punches, kicks, grapples, takedowns, and submissions exchanged inside the Octagon. Huntington Beach fighter and frequent Supercross attendee Tito Ortiz took on Rashad Evans in the main event, but he pretty much got his ass beat. For some reason, however, most of the crowd seemed pretty unpumped about it. Apparently, Evans isn’t exactly a crowd favorite. Oh well, there was a bar pretty close to our seats, so we were happy. We didn’t really mind that he wasn’t as favored as
Most importantly, Chrissy did an outstanding job representing TransWorld Motocross. She definitely got the most attention from the fans out of all of the ring girls, and she definitely looked like a professional. A big thanks goes out to the UFC for showing us a good time, and to Chrissy for reppin’ TWMX!
Stay tuned for an exclusive double-sided poster of Chrissy in the upcoming October issue.

Check out some photos below of Chrissy in action…