Goodbye, Golden State | Monday Kickstart | 2014 San Diego SX

Photos by Antonovich/Kimball/Kardas/Emter

Hard to believe the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross Series has already completed its run through California and that the 250 West Coast riders are on hiatus until April, when the tour returns to Houston. But, if you are going to leave the Golden State, there’s no better place to see last than San Diego. The town is gorgeous, the weather incredible, the Mexican food unbeatable. And how could we forget about a trip to Qualcomm Stadium? Supercross is synonymous with San Diego, and to acknowledge the armed forces influence on the city, Feld deemed the event Military Appreciation night. Riders, teams, and sponsors saluted those working to keep the nation safe and created a memorable event. The on-track action was broadcast to bases around the world, thanks to the military’s television networks, and the tribute was seen by the heros it was intended for.

Here’s to those currently enlisted and those who served in the past. Welcome to Kickstart…


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Reed was carted off the track following his last-lap crash, and spit up a startling amount of blood on the way out. He was taken from the track by ambulance to a local hospital, where he was kept overnight with a broken scapula, collarbone, and T1 vertebra. Still, Reedy and the TwoTwo crew hope to race Dallas.