Monday Kickstart : A Day in the Dirt 15

The 15th running of A Day in the Dirt took place this past weekend at Glen Helen Raceway, and the SoCal masses descended on the massive area for three days of riding and partying. “The Fastest Party in Town” is a favorite of the TWMX staff, as we look forward to the event all year. If you missed this year’s running or are one of the many longing to compete in a future round, scan the next few pages and prepare for next year.

Select racers, such as our edit staff and others, received these custom painted Troy Lee Designs SE3 helmets to compete in. Each helmet was personalized with the rider’s number painted on top.
Because A Day in the Dirt began as a film industry race, there was no shortage of amazing recording equipment on hand. We may need to call this guy for a video soon.
As the owner of Vintage Iron, you should expect noting but the most iconic bikes from Rick Doughty. He took to the track aboard a spotless replica mid-80s Honda 250.
This vintage Bultaco is probably too nice to take out on the track, but that doesn’t stop the faithful from wringing them out a few times a year.
Though a few things are not from the same era as the Yamaha (Sidi boots, new Scott goggles modified with a Scott facemask, Race Tech suspension), this photo is too rad not to share.