Monday Kickstart : A Day in the Dirt 15

Update On Jantz Grodzicki

Grodzicki, a San Diego County teen, was a competitor at our Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series. Due to the severity of his injuries, it was determined that he would be unable to survive and was taken off of life support. RIP 96

The cruelty of motocross once again became apparent at last week’s 41st Annual Thor Motocross Winter Olympics, as 250 Intermediate racer Jantz Grodzicki suffered a massive crash and critical injuries. While details of Friday’s wreck are murky, the injuries are clear: a severed spinal cord near the base of the skull and severe brain trama. Grodzicki was pronounced brain dead before being life flighted out of Gatorback Raceway and then placed on life support at a nearby hospital with little to no chance of survival. The next morning, he was able to respond to commands using his eyes and eyebrows, but Monday brought heartbreaking news. Due to the injuries, Grodzicki would be unable to survive without life support and his family was forced to make the decision to take their young son off of the machinery. Jantz Grodzicki passed away early Monday morning. Our thoughts are with his family and friends in these tough times, and we will post details to the numerous benefits that are sure to arise in the coming weeks.