Monday Kickstart : A Day in the Dirt 15

You have to appreciate the enthusiasm of the Nordic battle garb. ADITD brings out creativity seldom seen (or needed) at a track.
So, we back the vintage scene, with its throwback gear, classic bikes, and unique style, but we draw the line at helmets. Racing an old Husky? Then an open-faced helmet is a must, but keep it in this century. The old lid is best kept on the shelf.
Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda’s latest amateur recruit Justin Hoeft is a machine. The SoCal teen handled a bike damn near twice his age with ease in the vintage class.
We are all aware and jealous of McGrath’s blazing speed on a bike, but there is no need for him to show off his skills like this.
A Day in the Dirt is Swapmoto’s favorite event of the year. Our fearless leader spends the weeks leading up to the race knocking out laps at the year’s venue and working on his race bike. Things like his holeshot in the Stunt GP are the payoff.