Monday Kickstart : A Day in the Dirt 15

Although he is the mechanic to Chad Reed, Lars Lindstrom is still one of the fastest people in the paddock. We wonder how many of the leftovers from TwoTwo Motorsports land on LL’s 450…
This early 90s Peak Honda MC replica is one of the best looking vintage bikes in the pits.
Friday’s racing included the So Cal Reunion Race, where vets like our own Forest Hayashi and others from Carlsbad Raceway, Saddleback, and Indian Dunes met up to relive the glory days.
Friday also included the first annual FMF Two-Stroke Revival. Turnout for the premix burning class was impressive and we have noticed a surge in two-strokes at the local tracks. Is this a sign of things to come?
We are proud of our boy John Simanovich for leading his group in the Two-Stroke Revival, but buddy, if you want to keep advertisements from Lil’ D (73) and FMF in the book, you need to let them win.