Monday Kickstart : A Day in the Dirt 15

Almost everything at A Day in the Dirt is drenched in tradition. Even the female staff always rock a matching vintage look. This year, we saw the cafe racer look and a blue and yellow flattrack racer uniform.
The big Talledega sweeper welcomed each racer onto the race track. Although gates aren’t used for the Grand Prix, much of the Glen Helen start straight into the giant banked turn was still utilized.
Troy Lee is as much a staple of A Day in the Dirt as the racing itself. Troy rarely misses an opportunity to line up for a battle, and this race definitely keeps him coming back each year, as a participant and a title sponsor.
When Showtime wasn’t on the track or prepping a bike, he was taking time to sign autographs and mingle with the legions of fans that idolize him. Still the King.