There was plenty of action to be had this weekend.  Between the AFMXA’s first amateur freestyle event and awards show, and round four of the Australian Super X series, there was something for just about everyone. We headed out to Pala Raceway for the AFMXA event to see what the amateur riders had in store. For the most part it, the new kids on the block were pretty impressive, throwing out a lot of tricks that were unexpected and others that were very innovative.  Check out the gallery below for the inside scoop on what went down at Pala Raceway and later that night at the Pala Casino for the awards show.  Be sure to click on PAGE 2 for a gallery from the Australian Super X held in Canberra where Jay Marmot took a very emotional win.

Stay tuned for a few videos from the awards show, including the already infamous Adams and Faisst song “Ridin’ Twice Daily.”

Best Riding Part in VideoJeremy Stenberg
Biggest SlamCam Sinclair
Best Spread in a MagJeremy Lusk
New BloodLevi Sherwood
Muchos CohonesRobbie Maddison
Unsung HeroLizz Leach
Legends AwardMike Metzger
Lusk Legacy Rider of the YearBlake Williams

Amateur Finals

1) Rob Sakai8.25
2) Jimmy Hill8.25
3) Bryce Hudson7.75
4) Kyle Demelo7.58
5) Andy Bakken7.25
6) Edgar Carona6.08
7) Rob Haslam6.00
8] Matt Halmark5.83
9) Nick Gore5.75

Pro/Am Finals

1) Lance Courey8.58
2) Destin Cantrel7.50
3) Kieth Sayers7.33
4) Nick Dunne7.25
5) Wes Agee7.08
6) Greg Schaffe5.50
7) Jesse Jolsom5.00
8] Luke Dolin4.75
9) Garrett Ahlf4.58
10) Steve Haugelstine3.42

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