Monday Kickstart – Anaheim I SX 2012

Throughout the day, James Stewart and the JGR Yamaha crew were as serious as a heart attack, using every practice session to gain valuable testing feedback. Stewart's suspension was changed each and every time he came off the track. Here, he downloads to the crew about his his Yamaha YZ450F felt out on the track.


The handmade aluminum fuel cell on James Stewart's Yamaha is larger in capacity than stock, and should be adequate for the long National Championship MX motos. The flatter tank permits a longer seat, which Stewart says allows him to move around on the bike much better.


Paired with the trick fuel tank are some tighter-fitting shrouds and some slimmer radiators, all which add up to a thinner bike. At its widest point, Stewart's bike is 2" narrower than his teammate Davi Millsaps' bike, which runs the standard setup, plus Cycra Powerflow shrouds.


Here is a top view of Stewart's slimmer rider cockpit...


...and for comparison's sake, here is Davi Millsaps'.
We heard rumors that JGR would be offering a more affordable version of the kit for sale, but haven''t been able to confirm. Stay tuned...


A close look at the JRI Shock JGR has custom built for its race machines.


Stewart's Bell Moto 9 sported an extra-special Red Bull paint job, courtesy of Airtrix. Note the gold-plated, engraved visor hardware.


The Red Bull logos were actually a jeweled mosaic.