Monday Kickstart: Anaheim II SX 2012

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki debuted Showa's SFF Air Fork on Broc Tickle's KXF 450 at A2. The fork is filled with nitrogen and is two pounds lighter than traditional components. According to Bones Bacon, the possibilities in adjustment can be overwhelming but is an improvement to what the team has previously run.
With Chris Blose still on the sidelines, Justin Sipes has stepped up as a fill in rider. For Sipes, it is a major change in plans, as the Kentuckian planned to race the East Coast rounds before the call came. Rather than tailor Blose's bike to fit his needs, the team as simply re-branded Sipes' bike with the correct graphics and parts.
While at the TwoTwo Motorsports rig, we spoke with Factory Effex's Scott Gilly on graphics. Gilly stated that while there is a weight savings to cutting the backgrounds down to just around the numbers, the reduction is miniscule, comparable to getting a haircut, and that another added benefit is it allows them to apply the material to curved areas with ease. It's a known fact that pro riders destroy graphics is a short time, but it is surprising to know that they run the same thickness as consumer units, not a thinner style to shave off even more weight.
Jeff Ward Racing owners Lucas Mirtl and Jeff Ward are also partners in water company "Real Water." The brand, which is a best seller at Whole Foods, is a favorite among celebrities and athletes due to it's alkalized properties.
Virus Intl, the under garment company that uses jade as a cooling tool, is growing in motocross. Their products been seen on many riders and now they have partnered with underwear maker Ethika to create a new line of shorts.