Monday Kickstart: Budds Creek MX 2012

Happy Monday! Yes, we know, it’s sounds oxymoronic. Thankfully we have some more recap action from this weekend’s race at Budds Creek. Another exciting 250 class race complemented a dominant performance from Ryan Dungey in the 450 class, and as we head into a short break in the series, we are already chomping at the bit for Red Bud.

Budds Creek 2012. Doesn't get much better than this.


The welcoming groomed soil of the Budds Creek track develops into a bumpy, rutted quagmire as the day winds on. With big up- and down-hills, a triple step-up, and triple step-down, and fast, choppy sections, the track succumbs to the horsepower of the four-strokes.


Short of the brief preview Ken Roczen got of Budds Creek on press day (Thursday), he had no experience with the track prior to Saturday. Considering that, we would say he studied up well and found his comfort zone quickly. With great starts both motos and some great line choices throughout the day, Roczen rode the Mechanicsville, Maryland, track as if he’d grown up down the road.


Blake Baggett has gained quite the reputation for coming on strong late in the moto and making up most of his ground after a bad start. Perhaps less noticed, but in quite similar fashion, Geico Honda’s Eli Tomac has consistently started his motos outside the top ten, but has managed to claw his way back throughout the moto, and has chalked up two overall wins in the process. The Geico Honda team, and the Tomac family have hypothesized that his weight/stature may be a contributor to his lack-luster starts, as he is a bit heavier than a lot of the more slight 250 racers. He is by no means a big kid, but is taller and likely carries more muscle mass than others. Whatever the case, he just missed the podium this weekend at Budds Creek, but still scored solid points with fourth overall.