Monday Kickstart : December 10th, 2012

DBK AM FMX Contest

If motocross on the amateur level is difficult to get in to, then FMX should be considered damn near impossible. Outside of Southern California, you could probably count the amount of “true” FMX riding areas, complete with multiple ramps, on one hand. Amateur riders around the country are clamoring to get into the professional or demo circuit and this is something that Jeremy Stenberg has realized. For the second year, he and the rest of the DBK/MDP Block organized a full contest for the next generation to follow in their footsteps. Riders from around the country headed to Lucas Oil Motocross Park and were met with a top-notch course. After seeing what went down on Saturday, we must say that the next set of riders will push the sport even further.

For the second year in a row, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg put on an amateur Freestyle Motocross contest. Last year, the event was held at Pala Raceway, but for this year it was moved to Lucas Oil MX Park (formerly Starwest). For Twitch, the event was a way for him to give back to the sport he loves and help the younger generation fulfill their dreams of FMX stardom.
The course at the event was safe yet still provided riders the opportunity to hit professionally built FMX jumps. There were three hits throughout the course, varying in distance. There was even one dirt jump.
There were a lot of industry people who showed up to support the DBK contest, including former factory racer Mike Healy. A few years ago, Healy fell on hard times with drug addition and spent some time in jail, but has come out the other side a better person for it. It was great seeing him out there.
Nate Adams is on the mend from a shoulder injury and surgery, but the road to recovery is going well. Adams should be out of the sling soon and starting therapy, which will have him fresh for the 2013 contest season. While on the mend, he has managed the day to day operations of DEFT Family even more and watched the launch of the new collab line with DC Shoes. The line, including T’s, hats, and a shoe, is up for sale on DC’s website.
Media attendance was high at the Am contest. Here, ESPN’s Cliff Talley (right) and Chris Tedesco (left) clown around between riders.
One question we tend to hear from FMX fans is “Where is Colin Morrison?” In the early 2000s, “Scummy” and “Twitch” were inseparable and have a full DVD for proof. In recent years, Morrison’s name has fallen out of the riding spotlight, but with a role in the feature length film “BRO” and a new clothing line, he is still highly involved in the sport.