Monday Kickstart : December 10th, 2012

The riders were judged by top pros including Twitch, Nate Adams, Ronnie Renner, and Larry Linkogle. Here, Twitch takes in the action. The final scores included trick difficulty, extension, and use of course.
“Wait, wait… Check out my sweet pink pen.” Renner is always up for clowning around.
Between the semi finals and finals for the Ams and Pro-Ams, there was a pro demo that included the likes of Twitch, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Destin Cantrell, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Bobby Lee, Wes Agee, and many more. Here, Bilko stretches out a double Nac for the crowd.
It was truly impressive seeing the level that some of the amateur riders were at. One rider even pulled off a Volt (Body Varial) in two runs before crashing while attempting the trick in his third run.
You certainly wouldn’t expect to see a Volt at an amateur contest, but that’s exactly what Davi Jones pulled off in two of his runs. In the third run, he crashed hard trying to land the trick again. Thankfully he immediately got back up and was able to walk away from the crash. Will the next time we see him be at X Games? Only time will tell.
Bobby Lee took a hard hit when he went down during the pro demo. After gathering himself up, he was laughing with his buddies about it and back riding for the remainder of the demo.