Monday Kickstart : December 17th, 2012

Oakley To Introduce New Goggle At Anaheim One

The new “Airbrake” goggle from Oakley will feature a new style frame with a rounded and low profile nose area.

We received an email last week from Oakley to be one the lookout for the new goggle design they will release at Anaheim One. Designed with input from Oakley racers Villopoto, Dungey, and Stewart, the new Airbrake goggle will feature new materials and a design unlike any other. Only a short video has been released and no clear, complete image is shown, but we know that there is an Airbrake model in the snow market. Oakley racer Jeffrey Herlings put an image of the goggle in a social media outlet sometime last month, but the picture has been pulled down.

The Oakley Airbrake made for snowboarding and skiing. From the looks of the short video, the nose design and outrigger frame will carry over to the motocross version released at Anaheim One.