Monday Kickstart : December 17th, 2012

MotoConcepts Racing 2013 Team Intro

MotoConcepts Racing invited the media to Lucas Oil Motocross Park for a formal introduction last Friday, but the rains that lingered over Southern California forced Mike Genova and team to alter their plans. The original schedule called for 2013 riders Mike Alessi, Jake Canada, and Gavin Faith to talk with the press and ride the Supercross track for photos, but the entire facility was underwater and unrideable. This gave us ample time to cover the parts and features of each “MCR 250/450”  in better detail.

Alessi will compete in the 450 class while Canda and Faith share the respective 250 SX West and East Coast duties. It is worth mentioning that Faith’s contract is for Supercross only.

The biggest change to the team from 2012 to 2013 will be the Ohlins forks and shocks on all three bikes. MCR is working directly with the Swedish brand, which includes having a Swedish technician in the United States during testing.
Like the rear shock reservoir, the adjusters on the Ohlins fork caps are different from the Japanese norm.  MCR will be the third team Ohlins as worked with this season, as they tested with Langston/Witt during Supercross and JWR at the Monster Energy Cup.
In addition to exhaust systems, Leo Vince is known for their carbon fiber protective pieces. The bikes feature LV skid plates, gas tank covers, brake caliper guards, and chain guides.
FMF and MotoConcepts Racing work extremely close to get the most from the motors. The Alessis take delivery of exhausts which are made to have different characteristics, run them on their in house dynometer to see the output in a graph, and determine the one which performs best to be duplicated. They amassed 1200 runs on the dyno over the 2012 season.
The Guts seats and seat covers are personalized the number and initials of each rider. The California-based company prides themselves in their American made products.