Monday Kickstart : December 17th, 2012

To say that professional racers are finicky would be an understatement. For instance, Mike Alessi prefers to have the waffle portion of his Pro Taper grips removed. He is not the first rider we have seen make this modification.
Want numbers? The Alessi family knows nearly every figure of Mike’s season, including laps led (over 100), SX holeshots (nine), and combined hours of time on television (two.)
After running the Monster Energy Cup in another brand of helmet, MCR is back to running Shoeis for 2013.
At first glance the helmets appear to be custom painted, but a closer look reveals that it is a multi-piece decal kit.
Daniel Castloo with handle the mechanic duties for Jake Canada’s run in the West Coast 250 class. Daniel is the younger brother of Pro Taper’s Marketing Manager, Charles Castloo.