Monday Kickstart – December 26th

This past week had a rather hurried feel to it, as many riders tapered down their regimens to remain fresh for Anaheim I, and to also travel to wherever home may be for the holidays.

The week did not pass without incident, however, as reports spread through cyberspace that Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen suffered a wrist injury at Lake Elsinore on Friday. Roczen quickly shot down the rumor, posted this photo to Twitter, and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings. Check out the video by Idiotboyz to see the German title contender at speed from the day of the incident.



Butler Brothers/ BTO Sports Suzuki rider Michael Byrne was not as fortunate, as the likeable Aussie had a stock hub break in a whoop section, sending him over the bars. The resulting injury included a broken C6 vertebra and busted nose.

Per Twitter:

byrner26michael Byrne

Thanks everybody for all the get well messages it means a lot. And just to clarify the hub on my bike was a stock hub not a talon that broke.

Heal up quickly, Byrner.