Monday Kickstart: X Fighters Glen Helen

Even though this was an “off weekend,” quite a bit of activity still went down in the one week break between Supercross and the Nationals. Over the weekend we headed to Glen Helen for the Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle contest and copped interviews with the top three finishers from the event.

Red Bull and Glen Helen plowed the REM track to make way for the largest freestyle motocross course in history. The temporary stands and hospitality areas rivaled that of some stadiums.
Each rider is given their own pit stall for the weekend, as well as a air conditioned rest area and staff of doctors to help with any injury or issue.
The X Fighters contest ran a different format than typical head to head knockout matches, with the first round of being riders out of the top six logging a 60 second run without doing any kind of flips.
There was a variety of merchandise on hand for spectators to purchase, including the typical t-shirt and hat fare, but also cell phone and computer covers.
The course included this massive wall ride, which the riders make look like child's play. The technical obstacle has become more common in layouts in recent years.
Red Bull promoted the event on every possible advertising avenue, including billboards, gas station displays, and radio and TV commercials.